Empowering Communities, Preserving Heritage

At SAKER RESOURCES MONGOLIA LLC, we firmly believe that responsible mining goes beyond extracting resources; it encompasses fostering strong partnerships with local communities, respecting their interests, and preserving the environment. Our Local Cooperation Policy is a testament to our commitment to not only contribute significantly to the economic development of the provinces and districts where we operate but also to uphold the rights and well-being of the local people.

Principle of Local Cooperation:

Our commitment to ethical practices is fundamental to our operations. We operate within the legal framework, adhering not only to mandatory obligations but going above and beyond by voluntarily implementing and financing projects aligned with specific local development policies. Our aim is to be accessible to the public and to work tirelessly towards long-term sustainable development.

Saker Resources Mongolia is committed to:

Contributing to Local Sustainable Development

In alignment with the medium and long-term local development program, our commitment extends to actively participating in the sustainable development of the local areas. We focus on the following key areas:

  1. Education Support Program: We recognize the transformative power of education. Through our Education Support Program, we invest in local education initiatives, ensuring that communities have access to quality educational resources, empowering individuals and fostering a knowledgeable society.
  2. Health Promotion Program: A healthy community is the foundation of prosperity. Our Health Promotion Program aims to support healthcare initiatives, emphasizing preventative measures and raising health awareness, ultimately contributing to the overall well-being of the local residents.
  3. Programs to Support Sustainable Development: Sustainable practices are at the core of our mission. We actively engage in projects that promote eco-friendly practices, resource conservation, and community-driven sustainable development, ensuring a harmonious coexistence between mining operations and the environment.
  4. Program to Support Small and Medium Industry: Recognizing the importance of local businesses, we are committed to supporting the growth of small and medium industries. Our initiatives aim to foster entrepreneurship, drive economic diversification, and contribute to the overall prosperity of the regions we operate in.
  5. Cultural Heritage Protection Program: Our commitment to cultural heritage extends beyond mining. Through our Cultural Heritage Protection Program, we actively work to preserve the rich history and traditions of the local communities, promoting awareness, conservation, and sustainable tourism.

In conclusion, our Local Cooperation Policy is not just a statement; it is a commitment to building a sustainable future hand-in-hand with the communities we serve. By prioritizing education, health, sustainable development, small and medium industries, and cultural heritage protection, we aspire to leave a positive and lasting impact, creating a legacy that transcends the life of our mining operations. Together, we forge a path towards a brighter, sustainable future.

For the past period, Saker Resources Mongolia has allocated 1,200,927,404 Mongolian tugriks towards donation aid within the framework of social responsibility.

Bayankhongor Province – Local donation aid within the framework of social responsibility.

*Only data from 2007 is shown

Gov-Altai Province – Local donation aid within the framework of social responsibility

*Only data from 2007 is shown